Creative Direction / Concept / Photo and Video Art Direction / Execution

As the Creative Director of Rockport’s digital agency of record, I was tasked with revitalizing the classic American shoe brand. Their marketing was stuck in the past and didn’t reflect their new hip shoe designs. My team helped revamp their brand by creating a complete digital marketing strategy that included a homepage redesign, landing pages, emails, and campaign photography. In the three years I was there, Rockport experienced a 90% growth in ecommerce sales, largely in the urban market.

Landing Pages
I believe a landing page should be a way for the user to experience another dimension of the product, not just a pretty page with product photos. I always add motion and interaction to get across what the product is really like—the way it feels, how it moves, and how it works.

In this landing page, users can poke, prod, flex, and spin each shoe in the “Total Motion Studio”. This was a fun photo shoot to do.

To show Rockport waterproof boots in action, we filmed models jumping in slow motion using a RED camera. I came up with the photo shoot concept, art directed the shoot, directed the models, and got soaking wet.

Rockport created the first dress shoe with sports technology. So we filmed a man and woman walking in the shoes to show just how comfortable on the feet they are.


Rockport created the first dress shoe with sports technology. So we filmed a man and woman walking in the shoes to show just how comfortable on the feet they are.

For the Seven to 7 collection, we shot a model wearing Rockports on a green screen. Then in post we added background images to show her walking through her day, from 7am to 7pm.


I did the concept and art direction for all of these photo shoots...

I always try to add an element of motion when designing for digital—it adds an element of surprise and takes advantage of the medium. The below gifs are examples of photo shoots I concepted and art directed to animate otherwise still photos.


The shoes in Rockport's Lightness Collection are incredibly light. To illustrate this I came up with the concept of shooting models in slow motion while jumping to look like they're floating. We ended up having to construct a pull-up bar and have the models do slow pull-ups over and over to make the floating look right. I guarantee Rockport has the fittest models out there.

Here's an example of the Lightness Collection supporting product photography I art directed. I had a soft stylist suspend the laces with fishing line to make them look like they're floating.


For this Total Motion collection, we filmed 360 video of each shoe so we could highlight the special features.

This is a landing page I did for Rockport's line of shoes that are good for city walking and outdoor hiking.


This landing page takes the user on a summer road trip. As they scroll down the page, the car moves with them and stops at different destinations to highlight products.


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